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Asia day tours is an Asia travel blog that provide tourists with a reliable source of travel information. Asian countries are rich in traditional cultures and history and own many beauty spots. The Asia day tours blog consists of a range of travel knowledge for tourists to learn and explore. For example, if you have not got much experience for Asian trip, you can enter the item of Asia travel guides to read some travel instructions for specific regions such as China, Japan and Vietnam


Siem Reap

Cambodia is known as one of the wonderful countries in Southeast Asia with a lot of amazing things and destinations for traveling, especially Siem Reap.
Season of snacks

Hanoi is a wonderful destination in Vietnam with amazing places for visiting and delicious cuisines.

"Berg" is the etymology of Bergen, the familiar name of the primitive Nordic people, means "mountain" or "mountain cliff"
Dazaifu Tenmagu temple

Japan is a wonderful country in Asia, the country attracted tourists by amazing destinations and rich cuisine
Hoi An – The color of heritage

After five organizations, “Quang Nam Heritage festival 2017” with the theme of “Quang Nam –...
Tam Dao

Tam Dao is also known as the second “Dalat” in Hanoi, so it is the really wonderful destination for “escaping” in summer.