12 Useful Tips for Perfect Beach Trip

useful Tips for Perfect Beach Trip
useful Tips for Perfect Beach Trip

When summer comes, it is also the best time for beach trip. However, in order to have a wonderful and perfect beach trip, tourists have to prepare carefully to make sure that you don’t forget anything. Therefore, the post will introduce the useful tips for amazing beach trip.

 1 Invest in waterproof solutions for your phone

One of the most concerning of tourists when visiting the beach is that will get trouble with electronic devices when swimming or visiting the beach. Therefore, if you can buy a waterproof phone which is really great when you can just soak in the clear blue water, still be able to take pictures, film and receive comfortable calls without having to store the phone. If you do not want to spend too much money, waterproof bags are the right choice. The touch screen phone will still work when wrapped in a pocket.

Invest in waterproof solutions for your phone
Invest in waterproof solutions for your phone

2 Use chalk to prevent sand from sticking to the skin

Sand sticks to the body’s frustrating will make you get uncomfortable feeling, so you can use a talcum powder to reduce the moisture content of the skin and makes the sand fall as soon as you touch.

3 The deep glass cup separates the glass in the sand

When you need to bring your drinks to the sea, you should bury the cups or cups of water in the sand which makes them firmer and free from tilting and falling. Some types of glasses are also specially designed for use at the beach by replacing the base with a pointed base to dig deep into the sand, even floating when exposed to water.

4 Bring lemons

Lemon juice helps to polish your hair. Furthermore, when squeezing into the beverage also creates great refreshment on the beach.

5 Hide your money in tampons or paper covers

It is hard for anyone to think that you can hide money in such delicacy. Therefore, it is the ideal place for hiding your money

6 There is a tube containing personal items

A small tube in the water helps protect and keep your belongings safe when suddenly the big waves hit the beach.

7 Use of bed sheets

A bed sheet that is held in four corners will create an interior space away from the sand. They are much more useful than canvas cover.

8 Use waterproof tarpaulins

There is nothing worse than placing objects on the wet tarpaulin during bathing.

9 Refit the bottle to keep it cold longer

Sitting on the beach with refreshing cool drinks will bring wonderful feeling for you. However, the weather and the sun make the stones quickly melt. Instead, rock the bottle to keep it cold longer.

Refit the bottle to keep it cold longer
Refit the bottle to keep it cold longer

10 Bring a small swimming pool

If your child is afraid of waves or bathing too dangerous, bring a small inflatable pool when going to sea. The children will be very excited, still bathing the sea, while adults do not have too many eyes.

These are the best tips for traveling to the beach, besides that finding the best beach for traveling is the most important, so you can refer to Asia Day Tours for getting wonderful beach for traveling.