What is The Best Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City?

Haha Sushi
Haha Sushi

Ho Chi Minh City is always one of the most interesting and famous cities in Vietnam. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists visiting there each year. The city attracted tourists by wonderful destinations inside and outside Ho Chi Minh City and best street foods which you can not find anywhere excepting HCMC. Furthermore, if you want to find the best restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City or best places for traveling in there but you do not have time and don’t want to travel much, District 1 is the best choice for you. The district is known as the Western town, so the post will show you the best restaurants in HCMC for enjoying.

1 Cuc Gach Restaurant- 10 Dang Tat, District 1

When visiting the restaurant, you will feel like entering the rich home of local people. You will have a chance to enjoy familiar items such as old parlor tables, armchairs, wooden beds and brown tea cabinets. Furthermore, the dishes here are also very familiar and close to local people with the bowl of crab soup, cups of salt, roasted meat bowl, which bold family love and making you like back to his childhood.

Cuc Gach Restaurant
Cuc Gach Restaurant

Price for meals: 180.000VND- 210.000VND

2 Korean BBQ

If you are a follower of famous Korean food, you must have been to District 1’s restaurant. Korean Barbecue has a modern, simple, youthful space which is the ideal place for young people to gather with family and friends. In addition, you can find all famous Korean dishes in there such as kimbap, tokbokki, bean soup, leaf rolls, kimchi soup, Korean seafood hot pot, grilled ribs, and baked steak and so on.

Price: 120.000VND- 150.000VND/person

Address: 4/4 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ

3 Baby Spoon

The unique combination between two different cuisines of Japan – Italy, District 1 Baby Spoon restaurant has brought a completely new experience for the land of Saigon. It is the reason why the menu of the restaurant is quite rich with attractive dishes such as baked burgers, curry, pasta; salmon baked salmon district, pizza, and Japanese Sumo hot pot

Price: 150.000VND- 170.000VND

Address: 47 Phan Chu Trinh, District 1

4 La Creperie

With a space designed in the style of the Brittany style, La Crêperie brings you an exciting experience of the typical flavors of French cuisine. When visiting there, you should not miss “Crepe” dish which is the most famous and delicious dish in there. Moreover, the dish has quite choices for you Crepe lemon sugar, Creole Napoleon, Florentine, Parisian or some other French dishes such as spicy chicken rolls, roasted clams, and vegetable salad.

La Creperie
La Creperie

Price: 120.000VND-150.000VND/person

Address: 17/7 Le Thanh Ton, District 1

5 An Nam Restaurant

If you want to explore the real traditional dishes in Vietnam, the restaurant is the best choice for you with specialty food of Central Vietnam. Besides delicious and special dishes, the restaurant also brings for tourists cozy atmosphere and feature landscape’s Central Vietnam. Special dishes here include chicken on the tray, bamboo shoots bamboo shoots, fish hot pot fish sauce, rice cake pork Da Nang, grilled fish snake banana leaves and so on

Price: 120.000VND- 140.000VND/person

Address: 59 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1

6 Haha Sushi

Bringing the same taste of standard Japanese in each dish is what Haha Sushi is doing very successfully. Therefore, when visiting the restaurant, you can enjoy the famous food of the country famous sunrise: sushi, sashimi, spicy Udon spicy salmon, rainbow rice rolls and seafood pancakes

Price: 120.000VND/person

Address: 36 Ter, Le Loi, District 1