Wonderful Destinations for Autumn Trip in Asia


Asia is the owner of many ideal destinations for traveling in autumn. Therefore, Asia is always one of the most attractive areas for the fall. You will have more than one choice for your trip including the parks with huge gold leaves in Korea, or the lake lakes dreaming in gold balls in Taiwan and along the point of some of the most beautiful autumn in Asia. It is the reason why the post will focus on the best places for visiting in autumn.

1 Taiwan

Visiting Taiwan in autumn is an opportunity for visitors to experience the beautiful nature and charming here. Taiwanese nature, which is known for its quietness, poetic beauty with sparkling lakes or whitewashed magical cascades, and in the fall covered by gold plots that are more beautiful to the heart. Furthermore, when traveling to Taiwan, you can not miss Sun Moon Lake which is considered as a giant “pan of water” hangs in between four mountain ranges, the Sun Moon Lake in autumn brings a sweet and seductive beauty to a smooth lake covered with misty layers and printed in gold leaf shades. With the grandeur of the waterfall, the majesty of the mountains and forests that fall here more and more attractive with the features of the red flowers and yellow gold.


Besides that, tourists can also visit Taroko which is an enormous ecological area with challenging optically-shaped paths surrounded by majestic natural scenery; this mountain is more mountainous in autumn when it is covered with foliage of bright yellow to the red carpet.

2 Japan

When talking about natural beauty in Autumn, Japan is one of the places which you can not miss out. Japan is a wonderful country with romantic and attractive landscapes with tourists in all seasons in a year. However, perhaps Japan in fall brings for tourists new and interesting beauty. Autumn Japan has a glamorous backdrop with its traditional features in both landscape and culture. Kyoto is one of the places like that; the place into the collection of paintings everywhere is such as paintings with the soft lines of ancient buildings such as Kiyomizu Water Temple – Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkakuji Temple and the red patches of yellow foliage. Moreover, Nikko of Japan is also the ideal destination for the autumn trip with the red leaf forest of the Oku Nikko’s Senjogahara marshes, or the giant autumn foliage of Futarasan jinja, the Kirufuri’s Hemerocallis mountain bridge, or the red leaves from inside the tram in Irohazara.


One of the most attractive destinations in Japan which you can not miss out when visiting the beautiful country is Tokyo. Although Tokyo is known as the modern capital, tourists can enjoy fall’s feeling in any corners of the city. You can visit Meij-jingu Gaien Park with the ginkgo trees on Icho Namiki Boulevard, or the romantic gardens like the Rikugien, Koishikawa Korakuen are all captivating but they are so peaceful.

3 Korea

If you are the faithful of Korea’s film, you can not miss Korea for autumn’s trip because the country is always famous for streets which are covered by yellow leafs. Traveling to Korea as always brings visitors unforgettable feelings by the beautiful natural scenery to the surprise. Mindungsan is famous for being one of the most beautiful rice fields in Korea. Mindungsan is famous for being one of the most beautiful rice fields in Korea. With Mindungsan gentle slope allows visitors to climb the mountain and enjoy the beautiful nature. In addition, if you want to enjoy the ancient feeling, you can visit and explore the beauty of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changyeongung or Changdeokgung. The beauty of autumn here is also the pride of the land of Kim Chi by the romantic mix of old traditional beauty.

Moreover, Korea is always famous for beautiful and stunning islands, so if you want to explore the autumn of islands, Nami Island is the best choice for you with romantic landscapes of merchandise trees line up straight, covering the roads flooded with yellow leaves. Everyone is eager to come here for a walk, picnic or tea, chatting with loved ones. In addition, if you are a sports enthusiast or outdoors, Haneul Sky Park is the perfect place for you. Owing to its wonderful autumn setting with its meandering grasslands and lush golden foliage, Haneul Sky Park in the autumn attracts crowds and visitors alike. Autumn of “Kim Chi” county is not only yellow leaves, red leaves, but in the Hyoseok culture village and Bongpyeong, you can also enjoy the festival of buckwheat flowers with the traditional cultural activities lively and drop into the fields.