Tips for Transfer by Flight in the First Time


Recently, flight is becoming the popular transports of the people especially tourists by convenient. Furthermore, in order to meet customer’s demand, there are a lot of cheap flight with cheap price and safe guarantee. However, many people are quite confused and do not know what to the prepared when flying for the first time. Therefore, the post will help you list necessary things before traveling by flight.

1 Prepare the necessary paperwork

Before you fly, you need to prepare necessary documents including air ticket, ID card if traveling in the country or passport if traveling abroad, visa if required country, a small amount of cash to pay the airport tax if required.

Tips for Transfer by Flight in the First Time

2 Be careful with bottle, liquid

Your luggage will be split into two parts: portable and consignment. Hand luggage is the type of luggage you carry with you when boarding a plane. For hand luggage, you do not carry liquid containers of more than 100ml capacity. In addition, you should not carry dangerous substances such as explosives, explosives, flammable materials, items that can be used as attacking weapons, toys simulating threat weapons. Checked baggage is usually heavy and bulky, so you will be sent on check-in and transferred to the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Furthermore, with checked luggage, you are allowed to transport up to 5 liters of liquid in a container of no more than 5 liters, the product must remain unopened, labeled, origin of the manufacturer.

Moreover, depending on the type of airfare, the airlines whose, the weights are different. If you send more than prescribed, you must pay more luggage charges too. Therefore, you should remember to refer to luggage regulations on the airline’s website to avoid losing unnecessary expenses.

3 Calmly procedure

In order to ensure flight time and security checks, you should arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before your domestic flight, 120 minutes with international travel. You can choose one of three ways of procedure. One is to go online on the airline’s website, print your ticket by yourself or save your boarding pass on your phone and tablet. The second way is self-check-in at airport kiosks and the kiosk will automatically print the boarding pass exactly the same as the card issued at the counter. The last is that you can go to the airport check-in counter at the airport directly to check in. In fact, almost airports have 3 ways to save time for tourists

Tips for Transfer by Flight in the First Time

4 Relax before the flight

You have completed the procedures and hold the card on the board to record the port number you need to be present before the flight, time to open procedures, the number of seats on the plane. After that, you can relax; enjoy the food in the restaurant in the waiting area on the plane. Furthermore, during waiting time, you can visit around the airport and check in some beautiful pictures if you want. Other way, you can visit and buy branded items from every famous brand in the world at duty free shops. However, even if you have a passion for shopping, you do not forget to look at the clock to be at the door of the aircraft at least 15 minutes before takeoff time.