The Best Time for Traveling in Asia


Recently, Asia is becoming the most wonderful and amazing area for traveling because Asia is considered as the safest area in the world. Furthermore, the area attracted tourists by stunning and beautiful landscapes. In fact, tourists can visit the area anytime of the year from summer to autumn, but if you want to find the best time for traveling to all wonderful destinations in the area, you should refer to the post below.

1 January

January is a good time to travel Myanmar with temperature this month is usually above 30 degrees Celsius and rain is scarce. In the following months, the temperature will increase constantly. It will be very uncomfortable to travel on days with 40 degrees Celsius. Other Southeast Asian countries are also a good choice to travel in January.


2 February

The islands in Thailand are most bustling in February. It is important that you avoid the heavy rain because Thailand has the least rainfall in the year in February. Two months earlier including December and January the weather was fine, the rainy season usually came in late March. Most of the islands in Southeast Asia except Vietnam, February is also a beautiful time, less rain, calm waves suitable for island tours.

3 March

March is a wonderful and ideal time for traveling to Sri Lanka. In fact, each place of the country will have different weather but if you want to visit as much as possible destinations with nice weather, March is the best choice.

4 April

Japan perhaps is the ideal choice for you to travel in April. When visiting the country in this time, you will have chance to admire “Sakura” blooming in all places of the country which will become a fairy garden. The weather is cool but pleasant, but the temperature can go down in the evening. In addition, October to November is also a super-beautiful season to come to Japan, the season of maple leaves bloom. In addition, April is also a good month to visit Nepal. The average temperature in the Kathmandu valley is about 28 degrees and there is not much rain.


5 May

China is a large country with many different climates. Overall, May is probably the best month for you to plan a trip to explore this country. The average temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius and very little rain. You can also avoid the missed this month because the mist here appears much in the summer. Furthermore, if you choose Jiuzhaigou for traveling, you should visit in the beginning of October, actually in the middle of October from the 16th onwards is the most beautiful but also Jiuzhaigou too crowded tourists.

6 June

In fact, June is a month less popular for tourists to travel to countries in Asia as many countries are in the rainy season and summer season with highest temperature. However, Indonesia is quite the opposite. From April to September, the weather in Bali is amazing, with little rain, mild waves, suitable for any trekking volcanic activity, snorkeling to visit the island. Moreover, June is one of the best months to visit Tibet with a lot of stunning and interesting destinations.

7 July

Malaysia is always hot and always has showers. In July, there is almost no rain here, suitable for traveling here. Singapore also always has the sudden rain. However, the great Food Festival of Singapore will be a compelling reason to visit many visitors in July.

8 August

August is a good idea to linger Indonesia, an ideal time to travel to Indonesia. The temperature in there is the same throughout the year, but in August is the least rain. However, this is a tourist season in Indo, so it’s definitely more expensive than usual.


9 September

September is the best month to visit Korea. It was the end of summer, but the average temperature was only 26 degrees Celsius, the weather was great. However, in the beginning of the month, there are a little bit rainy, so if you want to avoid the weather, you should visit the last weeks of September, but it will be a bit cold this time.

10 October

The climate in Laos is best from October to mid-November. The weather in the following months was also good but the scenery was poorer. The harvested rice fields barely ditch the soil, roots, and mountains often disappear in dense fog. If you want to select a city to travel in October then Hong Kong is the ideal destination.

11 November

November is one of the good months to travel in Asia. Northern Thailand is the most exciting place this month. Besides nice weather, the time is also attracted tourists by the Loi Krathong festival here, especially in Chiang Mai. For Cambodia, the good time to go is also from November to the end of May. For Maldivian island paradise, November to June is the time to go, especially in November and June of the year. Early dry season and late dry season, when prices are still falling, sunny weather does not rain.

12 December

December is a good month to stay in Southeast Asia. Perhaps it’s also the best month to travel to our country – Vietnam. At this temperature and humidity are relatively low, the weather is very pleasant. You can also travel to India this month. Here the best time is between December and the end of February. Although there are also significant regional differences but do not affect much to your journey.

In fact, every month there are many destinations in Asia for you to choose travel. You can also travel beyond the best times I mentioned above. There are several countries that have had months of rain and floods. Apart from that, you can plan a trip to any country throughout the year