The Best Destinations for Traveling in Asia during Summer


Summer is approaching us with the splendor and the characteristic hot air. However, this is also a very ideal time for each person to have an interesting trip. Summer vacation is also a time for many young people to look forward to, while eagerly planning their own attractions. In order to help you make more choices of summer stops, the post will introduce 4 amazing destinations for unforgettable trip in summer.

1 Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of amazing places of Thailand. The place has a lot of wonderful and beautiful islands which almost tourists will fall in love in the first visiting such as Phi Phi Island. When visiting there, visitors are sure to be extremely satisfied with the beautiful natural scenery, green beaches, and a variety of attractive Thai restaurants. If Thailand is considered as a unique travel picture, Phuket is a striking, impressive color that attracts and captures millions of visitors on this planet.


2 Penang, Malaysia

Impressed by the unique combination of East and West cultures, Penang easily captures the affection of crowds of domestic and foreign visitors. Especially summer, the city becomes more attractive with special and attractive festivals and events. Therefore, the place attracts a lot of tourists visiting each year. As an offshore island, Penang becomes more unique, captivating with the beauty of nature, the friendliness, and hospitality of the people living on the island. Some, suggestions on famous tourist destinations in this city are for you such as Fort Cornwallis, Penang Museum, George Town, Kek Lok Si Temple and etc. At the same time, there are also a series of beaches. Great for your lovers waving in the clear blue waters or engaging in exciting marine activities

3 Bali, Indonesia

Bali is considered as the one of the real paradise in Asia with many beautiful beaches, a series of resorts and luxury resorts, in addition to a harmonious combination of a unique culture. When visiting there, you will be charmed by the subtle beauty of many Hindu temples with classic, majestic architecture. Furthermore, visiting Bali in summer is also the best time for you to immerse yourself in the festive cultural festivals. Certainly, this paradise island will be the ideal destination for your summer vacation with family and friends.


4 Busan, Korea

Busan is one of the famous and famous city of Korea. This wonderful port city promises to be an extremely exciting and eager destination for a dynamic summer. Besides, this place will also bring you a memorable experience of beautiful culture and people in the unique waters of the land of kimchi.  Furthermore, you can visit other attractions in Busan such as Gwangalli Sea, Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Park, Beomeosa Temple, Cinema Center Busan, Gwangwan Bridge, Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream and etc.

These are wonderful and famous destinations for visiting in summer. However, there are a lot of amazing destinations for your choose. Therefore, you should find the best choice for your vacation.