Attractive Destinations for Noel in Asia


Asia is one of the most attractive areas in the world with stunning destinations and amazing cuisines as well. Furthermore, weather in Asia is also the feature point of the area, especially December, so there are a lot of tourists choosing Asia for Noel holiday. It is the reason why the post will tell you the most attractive destinations for the most interesting holiday.

1 Japan

Visiting cherry blossom country in the last days of the year, you will be immersed in the air jubilantly welcoming Christmas and New Year, visiting many beautiful lands, many interesting places, entertainment attractions such as the majestic beauty and splendor of Mount Fuji. Furthermore, tourists can not miss Tokyo city to visit Japan’s oldest temples such as Asakusa Temple and Royal Palace which are opened only 2 days a year on the 23rd and 24th of New Year’s Day. Besides that, if you like funny activities, you will be happy with the Disneyland, the Owakudani Stream and the ruins of the Hakone Volcanic Crater with longevity legends or visit the world-famous Mount Fuji during the snowy year. You don’t forget to enjoy famous Ramen in the country and drink fresh beer in Hokkaido. In addition, you can stay and ski in Sapporo, which is equipped with Japan’s most modern skiing facilities and hundreds of sliders filled with visitors.


2 Dubai

Dubai Mall is considered one of the largest shopping centers in the world. A shopping paradise with 1,200 retailers attracts guests to shop at Christmas not only because it is the biggest discount in the year, but because of the variety of goods available. Besides shopping, tourists can visit interesting places such as a water park, ice skating rink or enjoy the ultimate in movie theater technology in the center of the building.

Dubai is not only a world-renowned tourist and trade city but also a beautiful architectural complex that blends seamlessly between Eastern and Western architecture, so you can not take your eyes off.

3 Korea

South Korea’s year-round snow cover, the silhouette of a European capital of East Asia, is sure to please visitors who want to enjoy a cold snowy winter. From the middle of December to the end of February, the frozen river surface is an ideal time for ice activities. The bustling atmosphere of the crowds on the ice rink at Phoenix Resort Park in Seoul will make people who are passionate about the sports fall for it. Guests can also participate in the ice fishing festival in Hwacheon, winter recreation activities are popular with Korean families. Ending a hard day of hard work, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the freshest of Sancheon fish processed at the festival center. Every year, the winter fishing festival in Hwacheon attracts over 1 million visitors to visit and entertain. Furthermore, tourists can visit Jeju island of Korea which is the most famous destination for tourists and considered as the second Hawaii in the country.


4 Thailand

Although located in the tropics, the Temple country is the ideal destination for excursions, entertainment and shopping is always the option for winter trips. When visiting Thailand, tourists will have a chance to admire all beautiful things in there from exciting Bangkok city to amazing beaches including Phuket and Pattaya. Visiting and admire the coral atoll, dive with the sea or join the sights on the sea as flying and diving. Phuket is the most tourist city of Thailand, a famous destination in the world. The beach town of Phuket is more attractive to tourists because of the beautiful beauty of nature. Besides that, tourists can visit other destinations such as Royal Palace, Wat Phu temple and so on.

5 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as an exciting and vibrant city. Tourists like to get lost in the spirit of Christmas and New Year exciting and vibrant all the way. Hong Kong in this season is particularly attracted by the “big sale” series, with attractive offers and discounts. The “shopping devotees” can be found in this “shopping paradise” all kinds of items from the cheap things unprecedented to the world famous goods. Not only that, visitors also have the opportunity to take a cable car to the peak of Thai Binh panoramic view of beautiful Hong Kong, visiting the Bay of shallow water, wax museum or ecstatic in the spirit of Disneyland park.

Therefore, every year and every Christmas, Hong Kong welcomes millions of visitors around the world.