9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage

9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage
9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage

Traveling is always the best and the most expected things to all people, but in order to have unforgettable and amazing trip, tourists have to spend time to prepare for little things to important things such as place to visit, plan, itinerary and luggage. Besides that there is one thing which makes almost people feel worry when transferring especially flight is lose the luggage. Therefore, the post will show 9 tips which can help you avoid lose luggage.

1 Throw away old labels

If you have the habit of retaining the old sticker on your wallet as a souvenir, you risk losing your baggage by mistake. Better yet, you should put your name tag on your briefcase. This will facilitate the search for luggage in the event of misplacement.

2 Check-in soon

9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage
9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage

According to airport staff, luggage is lost more often if visitors check-in at the last minute. Check-in later the greater the risk of luggage not accompanying the flight, because they are likely to not pass the carousel on time. Furthermore, when you check-in soon, you can avoid bad situation.

3 Ask staff to label “fragile” on your luggage

You should inform the staff at the check-in counter that you carry fragile belongings in your luggage. Your case will be labeled with a special assurance that they will be careful with them.4 Do not overload your luggage

4 Do not overload your luggage

The riders confessed that they would throw the suitcases from the strongest conveyors possible to pilfer into the cabin. They do not want to ruin them, but overloading is not good for a suitcase. Therefore, the heavier the luggage and the greater are the risk of damage.

9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage
9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage

5 Choose a light suitcase but not too expensive

Simply, the expensive suitcase is clearly at higher risk of theft. Unless you want your luggage in the hands of others, you should choose a light suitcase or casual look.

6 Observe rest time

Straight flights are less likely to lose baggage than flights. Therefore, you should make sure that there is at least 1 hour between the two transit places to ensure that the luggage is safely boarded.

9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage
9 Tips to Help You Never Lose Luggage

7 Wrap protective film

If packed carefully, no thief can rummage inside your luggage. They will also not be damaged by the carrier.

8 Make insurance when carrying valuables

One passenger did not ensure and prove the property on the plane was stolen 8 iPads that are only refunded $ 30. To avoid this, travelers should ensure, or at least take a picture of the object at the check-in counter for proof.

9 Select trips through the center

The center is the airport selected by some airlines as the main transshipment point for the connecting flight. If you have to fly connecting flights, choose central passes as these airports have better baggage handling than non-central airports.
In order to have the wonderful and safe trip, you should read out the tips below and refer to other tips of travel agency to help you have a knowledge and useful information. Furthermore, if you want to know more, Asia Day Tours will help you to handle that.