5 Delicious and Passionate Fish Noodles in Hanoi


When visiting Hanoi, tourists not only impressed with a beautiful destination but also attracted by amazing and delicious fish noodle dishes which are the special and traditional food in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.

When visiting Hanoi, tourists can not miss out the fish noodle food which is the street food and daily food of Hanoi people. However, in order to find good noodles in Hanoi, the taste is not easy to find. Fish noodles are processed in a variety of regions, according to each taste, which eventually gathered in the capital. There are places where people eat only once, they do not want to go back, but surely the latter can make the most difficult people will also nod praise.

1 Van fish noodle- Quan Thanh

This shop is located on Quan Thanh Street, has a relatively small facade, so passing through easily do not get out. There are two contradictions are selling fish noodles so people are often confused, however, if notice will see the courtyard has a courtyard behind the house, spacious, can lay out 5 and 6 tables.

Van fish noodle- Quan Thanh

The restaurant opens from morning to noon and always crowded. Especially at noon, office workers eat a lot and sometimes have to wait quite long. However, the bowl of noodle fish will make you not disappointed at all. Whole bowl noodles, thick broth, pieces of fish are crispy, loud, and pretty much. For a normal bowl of 30,000 VND, ensure that you will not arrive at noon, because of the fish more than the noodles.

Fish here are crispy, eat not a dry body, dipped in water and eat still quite crispy. However, the point deduction here is for quite a few main noodles.

2 Sam Cay Si fish noodle- Trung Yen Street

Alley Yen Yen is a small alley, vehicles are difficult to avoid each other, but here are concentrated quite many delicious foods, folk that famous, handed over each other for many years. In particular, there is definitely one that needs to try, this is noodles ginseng Cucumber. The shop is right at the corner, the road is wide so the location is quite convenient and spacious.

Sam Cay Si fish noodle

3 Hanh Beo fish noodle- Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

This noodle soup sold from early noon to early afternoon, passing through Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, always see crowded, people line up interrupted. To be able to eat a bowl full of fish noodles, you will have to experience the feeling like lined up for food stamps during the subsidy period.

Unlike other fish restaurants are served with noodles and water always, here the fish is eaten separately, noodles eat separately. And definitely, you must have a bowl of sauce next to it. Since the sauce of the restaurant is quite characteristic, strong and mouthful, dot with fish is delicious.

Hanh Beo fish noodle

Besides fish noodles, tourists can enjoy other traditional foods in there such as Bun Cha, Egg coffee and etc. If you need more information, don’t forget to visit Asia Day Tour to know more.