10 Trains Which You Should Try Once in Your Life

The TranzAlpine

If you are traveling lover and want to enjoy the new things in each country, you can not miss out wonderful public transport, especially railways. Although in some countries, railways are known as the expensive transports, there are a lot of tourists choosing the means for traveling because they can enjoy the way when traveling and the means is one of safest means after the flight.

National Geographic Traveler has just released a list of good quality train services and passes through breathtaking scenery. Therefore, the post will show you top 12 trains which you should enjoy one time in your life.

1 Belgrade

The Belgrade to Bar line takes passengers through 435 bridges and 254 tunnels from the Serbian capital to the Adriatic coast in Montenegro around 10 hours.

Belgrade to Bar line
Belgrade to Bar line

2 California Zephyr

The California Zephyr train is the best way to see the American heartland. This line will climb the rocky mountains of the Sierra Nevada before descending to the Pacific coast.

3 Toronto to Vancouver

If you have the chance to visit Canada, you should spend 3 days to admire the golden meadows, lakes next to the green hills, and picturesque townships from car windows, on the train from Toronto to Vancouver.

Toronto to Vancouver
Toronto to Vancouver

4 Indian railways

Royal Rajasthan on the wheels “is a luxury resort on the train car of a train company in India. The seven-night cruise of the train will take passengers across famous temples, fortresses and the Taj Mahal.

5 The Glacier Express

The Glacier Express connects two major resorts in the Swiss Alps. This journey offers passengers an excursion through snow-capped mountains, prairie highlands, and village-like fairytale villages.

6 Shongololo Express

“The train goes to the clouds” follows a zig-zag across the Andes on the route from Salta, Argentina to the border with Chile. It is also one of the highest railway lines in the world.

Shongololo Express
Shongololo Express

One of Africa’s cheapest trains, Shongololo Express will take you through wildlife sanctuaries and markets across Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

7 Trans-Siberian railways

The 14-day Trans-Siberian Railway crosses the vast prairies of Russia, from Vladivostok to Moscow. The train goes through Baikal Lake, the deepest lake on Earth.

8 The Ghan

The Ghan will take passengers through central Australia’s red land. Visitors will have the opportunity to observe the impressive natural landscape and native life as the train passes by.

9 Orient Express

Outstanding for four-course dinners and seductive staff attire, the Orient Express will take passengers back to the heyday of train journeys. The train departs from London to Venice for two days.

Orient Express
Orient Express

10 The TranzAlpine

In New Zealand, the TranzAlpine allows passengers to admire the majestic landscape and stunning beauty of the plains between Christchurch and Greymouth. The 200 km route is less than 5 hours away.

Besides these railways, there are a lot of wonderful destinations and amazing things in the world for traveling, especially Asia. Therefore, if you need more information about best places in the world, you can visit Asia Day Tours.